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The Baya Technologies and Zicon companies have raised the banner of excellence in product and service quality offered to their customers. The Company’s management pledges to consistently and ceaselessly provide the levels of quality and service that our customers expect, and exceed them. ​ We are an FDA-registered company, and all relevant employees have IPC certificates. ​​

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The Baya Zicon group is ISO13485 qualified since 2010 -The International Standard for a quality management system for organizations that provide medical devices and meet customer and applicable regulatory requirements.

Zicon ISO9001 (Till 21-Mar-2022) 97163HC-page-002
Zicon ISO9001 (Till 21-Mar-2022) 97163HC-page-001
Baya-Zicon ISO9001 AS9100D (Till 21.03.2022)-page-001
Baya ISO134852016 (Till 041024_2
Baya ISO134852016 (Till 041024_1
Baya ISO9001 (Till 21-Mar-2022) 99414HC10241024_1
Baya ISO9001 (Till 21-Mar-2022) 99414HC10241024_2

The Companies operate on the following levels:

  • Constant improvement of the Quality System and adjustment to our customers’ changing needs.

  • Continual striving for the supply of products and services that adhere to our customers’ requirements and expectations.

  • Establishment, management, and control of internal company processes to cover:

    • Management of engineering records

    • Procurement and supplier control

    • Identification and traceability during production stages

    • Monitoring and calibration of measurement and testing devices Risk management

    • Corrective and preventive actions

    • Monitoring and measurement of quality objectives

  • Ceaseless betterment of human resources.

  • Promotion of personal commitment of our personnel to continued systematic improvement.

  • Training personnel to focus on the performance of defined processes throughout their employment period.

  • Efficient communication and information sharing across the organization.

  • Effective communication of the Quality Policy, its objectives and performance.

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