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The Baya Zicon Group specializes in providing supply chain solutions that cover all of our customers’ needs, starting from the product planning stage through the shift from development to production and up to the mass production stage. The services include engineering support, material sourcing and management, electronic circuit assembly, component group assembly and integration, and supply chain management. All of the processes taking place within the company at all stages are controlled by the Baya Zicon quality system.


Zicon Ltd. has been manufacturing electronic products with great success since 1986. Over the years, many millions of electronic circuits at varying degrees of complexity were manufactured in the Zicon Ltd. plants. The vast experience and know-how accumulated over many years of activity enable the company to demonstrate impressive production, assembly, and testing ability and to be a leader in its field.


Baya Technologies Ltd. has been engaged in two principal areas of activity – providing supply chain solutions and distribution of electronic components – since its establishment in 2004. Baya’s speed and flexibility enable us to achieve rapid response times and to present creative solutions to the company’s customers while maintaining a high engineering level and unparalleled quality.


The synergy between Baya Technologies Ltd. and Zicon Ltd. creates a force multiplier that distinguishes us from our competitors and assures customers of the best possible solution for their unique needs. This combination gives us the advantage that assures the Group’s customers of the best possible solution for their unique needs.

The group has adopted a number of basic principles that constitute the foundation for its vision

and its activity:

· A customer-focused company

· A set of solutions and services that cover all of the customers’ needs.

· Sourcing and management of the materials and electronic production constitute the Group’s core know-how.

The Group serves customers from a wide variety of technologies and target markets. Its know-how and vast experience enable it to adapt the services and solutions required to each customer’s specific target markets and technologies.


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Yoram Halili

 CEO & Founder

  • Baya-Zicon
  • LinkedIn
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Eduard Oifman

Quality Manager
  • Baya-Zicon
אופיר תפעול_edited.png

Ofir Lox

  • Baya-Zicon
דוריס מנהלת משאבי אנוש_edited.png

Doris Hillel

HR Manager
  • Baya-Zicon
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Hila Fridman

  • Baya-Zicon
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